About the Walkathon Event

SOFA will take this opportunity to public awareness about its cause, the issues surrounding the need to appreciate, conserve and protect lions, tigers, and cheetahs and highlight the need for community commitment to work solutions to address the cause. The walk-a-thon will target all Zimbabweans and will ensure that participants are educated on the population and characteristics of these Big Cats. More importantly, participants will be educated on the existing laws that protected these species and the need to promote ecotourism and photographic safari. To attract large numbers of people extensive advertising on social media platforms will be used, strategic partnership with media houses such as radio, newspapers and television will be used to market the event. The event will be advertised as soon as we have sponsors and partners up until March 2, 2018.

SPONSOR through eco-cash or via our bank details which are on the postcard. Download.