Student Chapters

At the core of its objectives SOFA engages Universities, Local communities and schools with the aim of changing mindsets with regards to animal welfare. Noted herein below are some of the activities undertaken by our student chapters at Great Zimbabwe University and at University of Zimbabwe.


Twinkle is a dull grey cat with a bushy unkempt fur. Her oval shaped brown eyes lie deeply entrenched in her fur coat. Like most half a year-old kittens in that area, Tinkle has never met her mum or dad. Well maybe she did but she cannot remember anymore. Now and again when she thinks about this, many possibilities as to the whereabouts of her parents come to mind.

The Plight of Donkeys

I thought it was only the stripes that made us different my cousin, but alas. They say you are Beautiful and you give color and flair to the wild space, yet they call me the Beast of Burden. I bear all their burden,