Advocay And Lobbying

Advocay And Lobbying

Advocacy and Lobbying

“The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.” These words by Bill Bullard resonate very well with the work that Advocate Ever V. Chinoda has been doing around the world with her voice mainly on how human beings and animals should co-exist. Striking of her presentations for the first half of this year include inter alia, the Global Animal Law Conference in Hong Kong, Free the Elephants Inter Conference and Film Festival in Portland, and her public lecture at the University of Zimbabwe titled “Devoting time and practice to animal protection”. She has been emphasizing that welfare of animals embraces essentially 5 freedoms namely: Freedom from hunger and thirst, Freedom from discomfort, Freedom from pain, injury and disease, Freedom to express normal behavior and Freedom from fear and distress. And these freedoms should be accorded to all animals domestic or wild.

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